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of nearly 3%. it's the fifth year in a row that labor ranks sloping. the trend partly reflects the long-term memraging of the manufacturing jobs it isn't because of slump in motown. >> you only have to look to michigan to see how unions helped build stronger middle class and america. >> half of last year's dropoff occurred in the public sector unions. formerly one of organized labor bright spot. >> that is directly correlated to the job loss that we have seen in public sector. >> battle over collective bargaining rights in wisconsin and tough times for the local budgets play important roles. >> with the decline of union make it difficult for middle class. >> conservatives see the union as drag on free market won a round when the appellate court ruled president obama's recess awe pointment to the national relation board was unconstitutional. historians of the labor movement say leaders need to adapt to changing demographic reality. >> in some places they are concentrating on those notoriously hard to organize sectors and retail and fast food. and a state like california you can see from
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)